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Global Director Earth & Environment - Global Executive Director ESG


André-Martin Bouchard is an accomplished environmental industry professional with over 30 years of experience. Currently, he holds the position of Global Director Earth & Environment / Global Executive Director ESG at WSP Global, where he leads a team of c. 20,000 environmental experts and ESG professionals from over 35 countries. In this role, Mr. Bouchard is responsible for leading the design and execution of WSP’s global Earth & Environment Sector Strategy, and he also oversees the company’s global ESG program, which ensures that WSP’s work for clients is also linked to its own corporate ESG initiatives.

As a Professional Environmental Engineer and Consultant since 1993, Mr. Bouchard has held roles at all levels, from Project Manager to Global Director, and has established himself as an influential figure in the environmental industry, known for his outstanding accomplishments and leadership. Furthermore, as a seasoned environmental professional, Mr. Bouchard has provided services to clients in end-markets such as transportation and infrastructure, buildings, industry, mining and energy, as well as assisted organizations on various stages of their ESG journey.

Session Name: Consulting Industry Panel Discussion

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