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Senior Principal


Kevin has over 30 years of professional environmental consulting experience. He is responsible for supervising technical teams delivering strategic project support responsive to our client’s business needs. Kevin has extensive experience with site characterisation, remediation, environmental assessment, planning, permitting, regulatory closure, post-remediation site management, and cost evaluations. Kevin’s due diligence experience ranges from one-off industrial sites being considered for redevelopment to global portfolios of manufacturing sites in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Asia/Pacific region. Much of his global due diligence experience relates to his leadership of a global aerospace account for a major US-based manufacturer with two major acquisitions totalling over $30B. His account role included expanding and delivering EHS compliance and remediation services consistent with corporate EHS policy and programs globally. Kevin has been a Connecticut Licenced Environmental Professional (LEP) since the inception of the state’s privatized remediation program in 1997.


Kevin’s experience with large, complex environmental remediation projects commonly integrates business risk/legal strategies involving multi-party agreements, multi-agency involvement, and tenant and landowner issues. Many of these projects are conducted in support of legal counsel structuring broader business risk management strategies. He has led PFAS assessments within several business settings for manufacturing and private equity clients. He has addressed PFAS issues ranging from risks associated with PFAS and chlorinated solvent-impacted groundwater being pumped from an on-site aquifer being treated for use in producing organic juices to assessing soil and groundwater for evidence of PFAS releases related to historic chromium plating operations regulated under state and federal RCRA Corrective Action programs. His PFAS source/release evaluation work has included an assessment of a pump manufacturer using polymerized PFAS (Teflon) that coincidentally was impacted by an upwind and upgradient (based on groundwater flow) textiles-coating operation that had significant releases of non-polymerized PFAS that impacted the pump manufacturers’ property and a public water supply well in the area.

Session Name: PFAS: Effectively Managing PFAS Contamination to Meet New Regulatory Limits

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