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Director, Master of Engineering in Climate and Sustainability Program, Pratt School of Engineering

Duke University

Sara is a licensed Civil Engineer, project manager, and the director of Duke's Master of Engineering in Climate & Sustainability Engineering where she empowers engineering leaders of the future with the technical knowledge and skills needed to innovate, design, and scale solutions to climate challenges. 


Sara has led teams in design and construction of infrastructure and risk reduction projects – including the Governor Cuomo Bridge and the World Trade Center Flood Resiliency Program.  Most recently, she was the Deputy Program Director for the FEMA Community Engagement and Risk Communications (CERC) contract, serving as the Program Manager for Michael Baker International in a joint Venture with Ogilvy.  Through the CERC contract, integrated interdisciplinary team members partner with communities to educate them about their risk to natural disasters, build their capacity, and ultimately motivate them to take action to protect themselves.

Session Name: What Does the Next Generation of Sustainability Leaders Look Like? Developing & Recruiting a Future-Ready Workforce

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