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All timings are in Central Daylight Time (CDT)

Pre-Summit North American Business Leaders’ ForumEffectively Integrating & Operationalizing ESG


We will be hosting an invite-only North American Business Leaders' Forum the day before the Global Business Summit on 26 June at 4:00-5:30pm.

As ESG continues to evolve, so does the landscape within which environmental & sustainability consultants operate. “ESG'' must no longer happen as a separate thread to the reality of day-to-day operations, but needs to be integrated into company strategy and culture, as well as being fully operationalized and embedded into project design and outcomes.


Companies must be bolder in taking a solutions-focused approach, and look to develop roadmaps for scaling ESG delivery across all parts of the business, as well as communicating clearly with clients what ESG is, and isn’t in order to move forward positively. Furthermore, with “ESG”  increasingly becoming caught up in polarized political and societal agendas there is a need to pause and reflect on what this means for the E&S consulting industry.

This forum will provide insight into the activities and objectives of Environment Analyst's ESG Working Group. Two industry executives will then give introductory thoughts on the following topics, before group discussion.

Operationalizing ESG and Developing the Skills Required 

Introduction: Justin Mosquera, Global ESG Business Lead, AECOM 


  • Understanding what “ESG” looks like, and means, to different client groups and how best to support them in their net zero journeys 

  • How can the sector better develop key skills in management consultancy and digital solutions to close the gap in providing clients with a more holistic ESG offering and effectively reach the C-Suite

  • What does environmental and sustainability consultancy look like now and in the future?

Navigating the Polarization & Politicization of ESG

Introduction: Luiz Guimaraes, Global Co-Lead, Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change Services, ERM


  • What role can this industry play in restoring trust in “ESG”?

  • Is it safer to talk to your stakeholders and clients about “sustainability”?

  • Approaches to navigating employee and stakeholder activism, and client projects:  Communication (with employees) or Excommunication (with sunset industries)

  • Gaining clarity in what ESG is, and isn’t and being clear with your clients 

This forum is for Environment Analyst Members attending the Business Summit. If you would like to express interest in attending please contact

Pre-event drinks reception


The evening before the Summit, on Monday 26 June at 5.30pm-7.00pm, we will be holding a networking drinks reception for all Summit attendees, so the Environment Analyst community can reconnect in an informal setting.

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