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ERIS is leading the evolution of environmental and property due diligence data and software solutions with continuous innovation. ERIS serves the North American commercial real estate market, with services in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. The ERIS team is composed of dedicated professionals who offer countless ways to get the data and information required to the marketplace. Our depth and variety of data, coupled with our cutting-edge tools and applications make all types of due diligence more efficient than ever. The XPLORER platform allows visualization, interpretation and analysis of records and risk information related to a particular location. ERIS MOBILE allows the user to view ERIS project data, take and tag photos, notes, and complete checklists on-site to make report writing more efficient back in the office. And now, there is SCRIVA, ERIS' game-changing report writing platform for all types of reports and document creation. No one company offers more products and services to help environmental practitioners keep up with the environmental and property due diligence industry than ERIS. From the most current data to comprehensive historical products, to time saving software tools and platforms, ERIS is here to assist with property risk assessment requirements.

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