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Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald is a world leader in environmental services. As an employee-owned business we have no external shareholders to influence our decision-making, being wholly owned by our staff means we have the autonomy to advise what is genuinely best for our clients and society. We’re truly independent and our values reflect our drive to seek sustainable outcomes and the respect we hold for the environment and communities. Our policies commit us to integrate environmental considerations into all our activities. We’re already carbon neutral and are committed to working with our clients to transition their projects and operations to a net-zero future. Managing, protecting, and restoring the environment are integral to all our services. Our environmental experts are based globally and embedded in project teams wherever our clients need them. Our resources are immense not just in numbers but also in expertise – from archaeology to zoology!


We provide comprehensive services based on both local knowledge and global expertise and offer the full range of environmental support from concept design and post-project monitoring and evaluation through to training and stakeholder consultation. Our clients often ask us to create bespoke, multidisciplinary, collaborative teams to deliver projects that integrate issues such as ecology, landscape, stakeholder aspirations and planning guidance. Independent of specific development projects, clients call on our international experts to assist with environmental survey, conservation, and restoration projects. We have unrivalled experience of natural resource development, infrastructure, and the built environment. We've developed tools and methodologies that help assess and mitigate potential risks while identifying opportunities for environmental improvement. We engage with local communities and other stakeholders and our social impact assessments, including consultation and resettlement planning, are publicly recognised as exemplars of best practice.  We recognise the impact that our actions can have for people and the world around them. As a business we are committed to responding to the world’s big issues alongside our clients’ needs, in ways that safeguards public welfare and supports long-term resilience. That’s why you need Mott MacDonald

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