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Director, ES(D)G

Bentley Systems

Rodrigo is Director of ES(D)G – Empowering Sustainable Development Goals, driving the strategy for accelerating net positive environmental impacts empowered by the products and services provided by Bentley Systems, a leading global provider of software solutions and digital twin cloud services to advance infrastructure design, construction, and operations.

Previously, Rodrigo worked in software development and applied technologies in environmental engineering and modeling systems: developing and implementing disruptive technologies for a) flood resilience solutions in cities and critical infrastructure, b) transport and dispersion of air and water pollutants in rivers, estuaries, and coastal areas. He has also executed, coordinated, or evaluated various R&D and consultancy services or international projects related to water resources management, environmental safety and preparedness & response to incidents, and innovative risk assessment methodologies.

Session Name: Delivering Resilient & Sustainable Infrastructure

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