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EA Business Summit 2021: Roundtable Insight Briefing


The roundtable discussion session brought together business leaders from the environment and sustainability services sector to debate the challenges and opportunities ahead for the industry. We’ve collated the key takeaways and discussion outcomes.

Read the key takeaways below.


Green rebuild and dynamic M&A to transform environmental sector


Innovative financing methods and a burgeoning demand for expertise are triggering rapid evolution of the environmental & sustainability consulting M&A market, concluded a lively panel session at the Environment Analyst Business Summit 2021.

The virtual session, titled 'Exploring recent mergers, acquisitions and emerging financial partnership models in the E&S consulting sector,' held in June 2021 as part of this year’s Environment Analyst Business Summit series, brought in industry leaders from actively acquiring companies, recently acquired companies and strategic advisory firms.

Read the key takeaways below.


Green finance & ESG moves mainstream


The need to transition towards a sustainable operating model is increasing, and green finance provides a conduit to funnel funding and investment into sustainable projects, initiatives, and technologies.


Our Global Business Summit last month saw industry leaders, including Frank Sweet, Global Business Line Chief Executive for Environment at AECOM, Gabriel Malek, Investor Influence Coordinator at the Environmental Defense Fund and Michael Wilkins, Senior Research Fellow, Sustainable Finance at S&P Global Ratings, discuss the increasing importance of green finance and ESG.


Read the key takeaways below.


Energy, equity and expertise: three linchpins of an evolving US market


In the run-up to Environment Analyst's Global Business Summit 2021, we spoke with top environmental executives from five major companies with a US presence to glean their insights into post-pandemic prospects for the industry.

The Insight Report also presents Environment Analyst's latest market figures, competitor rankings and growth projections for North America, and gives a taste of the themes to be explored in greater depth at our Global Business Summit. Watch the Global Summit on-demand.


Maximising ROI in sustainability


EFCG’s CFO conference included a session exploring the financial benefits that sustainability and ESG strategies can realise for consulting and engineering firms and their projects and clients. Environment Analyst reports.


We are delighted to have EFCG's director of sustainability and risk Dr Andreas Georgoulias and managing partner Jessica Barclay speaking at the Global Business Summit in June.

Watch the Global Summit on-demand.


Q&A with speaker, Gabe Malek, Environmental Defense Fund


Environment Analyst put a few questions to the Environmental Defense Fund’s investor influence coordinator, Gabriel Malek, to provide a taster for his presentation on key policy drivers and priorities for a green recovery in the US and globally at our Business Summit this June. 

Watch the Global Summit on-demand.


Five sustainability trends to watch in 2021


In Environment Analyst’s recent whitepaper, we highlight five key areas for sustainability for 2021 and predict how developments will unfold in these fields.


For more information on how the role of sustainability, the race to zero and ESG is shaping the market, join us at the Global Business Summit. Watch the Global Summit on-demand.

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Management consultants boost ESG credentials


Environment Analyst explores the recent moves and initiatives by the world's leading business strategy and transformation consultants to raise their game in the sustainability space.

To continue the debate on how ESG is impacting the consulting sector and its client industry verticals join us at the Global Business Summit. Watch the Global Summit on-demand.

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