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As a global leader in consulting and engineering across energy and the built environment, Wood helping to unlock solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges. The need for change has never been greater. In our industries, in the way we treat our planet, and in how we live. These challenges are creating a pressing need for new and improved infrastructure, cleaner industries, adaptive environments, and improved access to critical services including water, power, and waste sanitation.

To challenge the status quo, we must have the courage to forge new answers. We’re more than 40,000 inquisitive minds, on a quest to build greater levels of sustainability and resilience in the cities and communities where we live and work. As the cornerstone of our client’s capital investments place a greater emphasis on resiliency, we are united by our passion to create a sustainable future in energy and the built environment. Our pioneering teams drive us to lead the charge, our actions transform challenges into solutions, and our curiosity keeps us pushing, innovating, making the impossible… possible. Powered by a diverse, high-performing workforce of leading technical experts and project advisors, we plan, design, build, evolve and operate/optimise assets, facilities, and infrastructure that is more productive, efficient, reliable, and resilient for a changing world. 


Because we understand the time for talk is over. Because the world needs new answers to old challenges. At Wood, we are future ready, now.

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